Hotel Villa Yiannis

Watching the world go by has never looked this good. Skiathos is a little Greek village surrounded by beautiful beaches and awesome hiking trails. FLAVOUR WE ADDED We designed this website to be fully responsive. To have a custom Content Management System (CMS). A custom booking and reservation section. Social media integration. An Image Gallery [...] Read More

Conscious Birth

Conscious Birth focuses on natural, physical births. It is a site that gives insight and help to women who are pregnant and are going to be new to parenting or even to woman who want to better their journey with being pregnant. FLAVOUR WE ADDED Fully Responsive Design. Custom Content Managing System (CMS). Quick Subscription [...] Read More

Energy Journey

Deloitte came up with a fantastic way to keep their own, as well as their client's, employees at optimal performance. Energy Journey is a site that has a questionnaire that asks their employees simple questions. Once this questionnaire is done it calculates the emotional, mental, physical as well as spiritual well-being of the employee. The site [...] Read More