Gener8 Energy

Gener8 Energy is a company based in Australia that specialises in the use of recycling energy to help curb the power issues we are experiencing throughout the world. We had created their identity and we wanted it to be simple and eye catching to the viewer and their respected clients. FLAVOUR WE ADDED The logo [...] Read More


  Have a look at BevTec's Website. BevTec is a beverage equipment supplying company. We designed a whole new identity to what they had before. The previous identity was rather dull and boring and they wanted something much more exciting to what they previously had. The previously designed logo or identity was rather dull and [...] Read More

Dark Secrets

  - Dark Secrets is a blog site about the Author of a local book. Fairly straight-forward, the site shows blog posts by the author and a bit of information about herself. One may navigate the separate tabs to find out more about the author as well her books and characters etc. FLAVOUR WE ADDED [...] Read More