Strata GC

Strata Game Changers is a company that creates strategic solutions to engage new and current employees. Strata GC helps corporates achieve their goals through the use of their technological tools. Enabling corporates and their leaders to inspire action. FLAVOUR WE ADDED A fully responsive website that adapts to different displays. Custom banner creation. Custom content [...] Read More

Rage Festival

Ah, Rage Festival. Every year matriculants from every school in Johannesburg make the drive or flight to Durban for 2 weeks worth of sun-fueled drinking fests, night long parties and a time where they let go of all their frustrations (and inhibitions) from school and to celebrate them finishing their schooling career. FLAVOUR WE ADDED [...] Read More

Hotel Villa Yiannis

Watching the world go by has never looked this good. Skiathos is a little Greek village surrounded by beautiful beaches and awesome hiking trails. FLAVOUR WE ADDED We designed this website to be fully responsive. To have a custom Content Management System (CMS). A custom booking and reservation section. Social media integration. An Image Gallery [...] Read More

Conscious Birth

Conscious Birth focuses on natural, physical births. It is a site that gives insight and help to women who are pregnant and are going to be new to parenting or even to woman who want to better their journey with being pregnant. FLAVOUR WE ADDED Fully Responsive Design. Custom Content Managing System (CMS). Quick Subscription [...] Read More

Adult Matric

Adult Matric is powered by Media Works and they specialise in helping adults finish their Matric educational level. This allows students to be able to apply for a Bachelor’s Degree and for the student or learner to gain entrance to a Higher Education Institute. FLAVOUR WE ADDED The site contains: A functional and responsive WordPress [...] Read More

Dark Secrets

  - Dark Secrets is a blog site about the Author of a local book. Fairly straight-forward, the site shows blog posts by the author and a bit of information about herself. One may navigate the separate tabs to find out more about the author as well her books and characters etc. FLAVOUR WE ADDED [...] Read More

POPI Training

POPi Training, powered by Media Works, is also a training programme which allows the trainees to understand The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) which is there to protect our right to privacy by introducing measure to regulate the processing of personal information. FLAVOUR WE ADDED A functional and responsive WordPress site. We support and [...] Read More


Umduduzi is non-profit, hospice care for children organisation. They help children who are dealing with life-threatening and life-limiting diseases. They treat their children like people and choose to volunteer their time to better the lives of these children. FLAVOUR WE ADDED A functional and responsive site. Easy to navigate and to use. Simple beautifully designed. [...] Read More


Siyaduma is a gender empowered entity that is thundering the way forward for Commercial Vehicle Distribution. The company empowers woman to become commercial truck drivers and want to appeal to this global trend of Woman in Trucking. FLAVOUR WE ADDED A full Responsive site. Well crafted design. Easy navigation. What Siyaduma is doing is powerful [...] Read More

Media Works

Media Works is an accredited AET (Adult Education and Training) Programme. They have put 20 years worth of work into the community to help millions of South Africans to better their education so that they may build a better life for them and their families. FLAVOUR WE ADDED A functional and responsive WordPress site. Support [...] Read More